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A riparian planing effort]]>
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McIntyre River

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Cooperative Angler

The Cooperative Rainbow Trout Angler Program involves the collection of biological information from adult rainbow trout caught by recreational anglers (many whom are NSSA members) during the spring spawning period (April - June) in tributaries of Lake Superior's north shore.]]>
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Portage Creek

Portage Creek is a small spring-fed tributary located on the Sibley Peninsula near the hamlet of Pass Lake (40 km east of Thunder Bay). This stream has long been recognized for its quality steelhead fishery. ]]>
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George Creek

Commencing this summer the NSSA will lead the rehabilitation of a degraded Brook Trout nursery stream located in Centennial Park. It is anticipated that over 150m2 of previously altered and unproductive habitat will be restored through the construction and implementation of a natural channel design.]]>
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Current River

The Current River is a large flow in the heart of the City of Thunder Bay. The system is used by thousands of residents for swimming, walking and skiing trails, fishing for resident trout and general sightseeing.]]>
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McVicar's Creek

Re-establishment of the plunge pool downstream of the small falls located below Court St.]]>
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Wild Goose Creek

For 2003, funding is being sought to continue with the implementation of the projects recommended in the consultants' report. These include assessing and improving fish passage on Wildgoose Creek upstream of Lakeshore Drive, where the channel has been scoured to bedrock, creating several small falls where migration will be difficult. Assessment of the channel condition on Blind Creek may also be carried out.]]>
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Ishkibbible Creek

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Brook Trout Plan

In the summer of 2001, a decision was made to undertake the development of a Management Plan for Lake Superior Coaster Brook Trout. ]]>
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