McVicar's Creek

Re-establishment of the plunge pool

In the spring of 2009, it was noticed that the cabling which secured several boulders to the riverbed and each other, had broken and one of the large boulders had been washed approximately 15 meters downstream, causing the pool to lose approximately .6 m (20 inches) of its depth. This pool, under less than ideal water flow, would likely be of insufficient depth to provide enough room for Rainbow Trout to leap the falls. This pool was created numerous years ago (late 1980s or early 1990s) in an effort to improve the movement of migrating Rainbow Trout on their upstream migration.

On September 4, 2009, the Association initiated replacement of the boulder and restoration of the plunge pool, downstream of the small falls located below Court St. Terry Kosolowski organized the rental of a boom truck and equipment rental in order to lift, install new anchoring pins, and re-cable the boulder back in it's original location.

Special thanks to Monty Plater, Customer Service Supervisor at Hertz Equipment Rentals, for the generous donation of the use of a portable generator and hammer drill.

Tree Planting Project

The shoreline tree plant is the first phase of a multi-year project involving the Thunder Bay District Stewardship Council, North Shore Steelhead Association, and the City of Thunder Bay to enhance the McVicar's Creek ecosystem. It has been made possible with the support of the Majesta Paper Products Trees by the Shore program. This year's tree plant will focus on areas between the Thunder Bay Expressway and Wardrope Avenue.

On June 8th 2010 members of the NSSA joined with members of the Thunder Bay District Stewardship Council to plant numerous trees along the shore of the McVicar's Creek.


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