Centennial Park - George Creek

Commencing this summer the NSSA will lead the rehabilitation of a degraded Brook Trout nursery stream located in Centennial Park. It is anticipated that over 150m2 of previously altered and unproductive habitat will be restored through the construction and implementation of a natural channel design. This will include the creation of a number of pools and riffles and habitat features to improve nursery areas that were previously destroyed.

A further environmental benefit to aquatic and terrestrial species will be the creation of a healthy riparian buffer area. This will involve planting, over an area of approximately 800m2. Specifically this will include a variety of herbaceous, shrubs, and tree plantings. This is anticipated to result in additional habitat while reducing the impacts associated with increased nutrient inputs, providing shade, and addressing general water quality concerns.

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Community Partners & Funding

This project was made possible by the financial & volunteer contributions offered by many local organizations. The NSSA would like to recognize these generous supporters.

Phase 1 - Rehabilitation

The project aims to recreate the existing channel by following natural channel design principles through excavation of existing substrate, establishing natural meanders and riffle pool sequences, and the addition of fish habitat features for approximately 100m between the railway tracks downstream to the confluence with the Current River.

Phase 2 - Work Continues

This phase of the project included the repalcement of the existing metal culvert with a open bottom wooden bridge and the creation of a series of step pools leading into the Current River. The area would then be re-vegetated with willows and ninebark. This project would focus on maximizing the opportunity for fish passage from the Current River under varying flow conditions.


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