Fisherman's Park

The Millenial Project is still onging, however, the City of Thunder Bay has no plans to develop this area in the near future. Currently the City is working on extending the trial system between Cumberland Street and Shipyard Drive, which will bring users of the trail system to the extrance to Fisherman's Road, and the exact location the NSSA wishes to develop into a park.

The goal of the NSSA is to reclaim this abused area, and return it to a natural setting, while offering a view of the lower Current River and the wildlife which abounds, as well as a place which the citizens of our city will want to visit.


This popular attraction has been driving visitors to Thunder Bay for over 100 years. With water falls, rapids and beautiful views of Lake Superior, this historical nature site is worth rescuing. Here, you'll find a detailed historical summary presented by the Forest Capital Development Association, Millennial Legacy Project.

Phase 1 - 2009

Beginning in 2009 the property will be thoroughly cleaned up of debris and garbage. A rough trail following the river will be created. The dead trees will be taken down and chipped on site or removed to the laydown area at the City municipal waste collection depot.

Phase 2 - 2010

This year will see the trail paved along the circumference of the property, and the inclusion of new flower beds and picnic areas. Bare areas will be reseeded with grass, clover, and wildflower mix. Numerous native tree species and shrubs will be planted to beautify the area.

Phase 3 - 2011

Possible development of the trail to include additional observation areas complete with fishing platforms. Also being considered is the construction of a bridge system, which would link the islands allowing access to the western side of the river, and the development of that property.

Continued Work

Work on this project is ongoing and we will continue to update this section as this project evolves.


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