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The North Shore Steelhead Association is looking for your support to develop more community involvement and raise additional funds for our projects

We are the only public organization that has taken upon itself to work towards the conservation, preservation and most importantly, the restoration of fisheries habitat. We have been involved in such projects for the past 47 years, and with the support of local individuals and businesses hope to expand our efforts in habitat restoration.

The NSSA works with all levels of government and agencies in order to put in place the financing for large projects. Recently completed projects include, McVicar's Creek stream habitat improvements, and tree planting (5,000.00), the multi-year Fisherman's Park project (121,000.00), the rehabilitation of a degraded Brook Trout nursery stream located within Centennial Park (135,000) and the most recently completed McIntyre River Bank Stabilization (150,000.00). With the help of a wide array of community partners, these types of project are within the scope of the NSSA.


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(807) 475-7712