As Spring approaches, the North Shore Steelhead Association would like to remind all anglers that Social and Physical distancing should be in the forefront of all Anglers minds as they think of heading to local and area streams.

Some popular locations, such as the McIntyre and Neebing rivers in Thunder Bay, can see substantial numbers of anglers over the month-long steelhead run. Although fishing is typically a social sport, this year anglers need to be very aware of avoiding close contact with each other, in order to ensure that any possibility of spreading the COVID-19 virus is minimized.

It is our hope and expectation that anglers will adhere to the physical distancing recommendations set out by the provincial government and keep at least 2 meters away from each other when on the river.As a reference, keeping at least a fishing rod length from your fellow angler will help ensure that COVID-19 is not transferred, should an unknowingly infected individual be present.

Please make every attempt to avoid close contact that may lead to the spread of COVID-19, and enjoy your time angling this spring.


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